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Pitcher’s elbow Ulnar Collateral Ligament Injury – AVOID Tommy Jones surgery

"It’s absolutely crazy that somebody would go through that extent [invasive surgery] to try to solve a problem that could be taken care of in the office, in a very comfortable setting, in a couple of hours." – Kevin G.


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Other Leading Stem Cell Clinics (including Regenexx, Cell surgical Networks and others)

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 To a baseball player, “Tommy John” surgery is probably the surgical procedure that they are most familiar with. This surgical procedure was invented by Dr. Frank Jobe 

and is named after former Los Angeles Dodger pitcher Tommy John. While for some it is a successful surgery, but for others the extensive rehab time 12 to 18 months is frightening. 


Pitcher’s elbow (ulnar collateral ligament sprain or UCL Sprian) most commonly occurs in throwing activities, such as pitching a baseball. Athletes suffering from pitcher’s elbow experience an onset of elbow pain on the inside area that becomes worse with activity. The pain is typically relieved with rest but returns on resumption of throwing at high speed.

An injury to the UCL in the elbow is typically caused by repetitive overhead throwing motions, such as pitching a baseball. Collegiate and professional athletes in several sports such as tennis, gymnastics, hockey, wrestling, softball, football, water polo and track & field have also undergone the procedure, but baseball pitchers are the most prevalent group. A fall on an outstretched arm can also lead to UCL rupture.

Several muscles, nerves, and tendons cross at the elbow. Repetitive throwing may create an excessively strong pull on these tendons and ligaments. 

Symptoms include:

A number of major League baseball pitchers have recently had to undergo “Tommy John Surgery”, a procedure used to reconstruct a torn ulnar (medial) collateral ligament (UCL) in the elbow.

The increased incidence of UCL injuries and tears in MLB pitchers is multifactorial, but is mostly related to the increased stress that these athletes place on the inner aspect of their elbow through pitching, in order to compete at the level of a professional player.

Misconceptions about Tommy John Surgery:

In a recently published study by Columbia University, the following misconceptions about the Tommy John surgery were cited:

“Reconstruction of the elbow ulnar collateral ligament, known as Tommy John surgery, is being performed with increasing frequency – we hypothesized that the public’s perception of Tommy John surgery may be incorrect with regard to the indications, operative technique, risks, recovery time, and benefits obtained from the procedure.”

“Thirty percent of coaches, 37% of parents, 51% of high school athletes, and 26% of collegiate athletes believed that Tommy John surgery should be performed on players without elbow injury to enhance performance.

Also - Individuals underestimated the time required to return to competition. Twenty-four percent of players, 20% of coaches, and 44% of parents believed that return would occur in < 9 months.” Ref:1

The action of throwing a baseball, especially in pitching is cited for the fraying, wearing and degeneration of the UCL ligament that leads to complete rupture. 

PRP and Stem Cell Procedures can help:

Dr. Garg diagnoses pitcher’s elbow upon physical examination and imaging, such as an x-ray or MRI. Treatment options include non-surgical treatments including Regenerative Injection Therapy with platelets and stem cells.

As an alternative to the Tommy John surgery surgery, SmartChoice® Procedures may help alleviate pain and improve function with a simple office injection procedure. Most patients experience almost no downtime after our procedures whatsoever.

And now the research backs this up:
“PRP is an effective option to successfully treat partial UCL tears of the elbow in athletes.” Ref:3

“Treatment of chronic tennis elbow with leukocyte-enriched PRP is safe and results in clinically meaningful improvements”. Ref: 4

Dr. Garg has experience working with professional and amateur athletes from different sports to increase their performance with this unique and individualized health and wellness program. He has worked with professional athletes like former number one PGA Tour Golfer, several NFL players, many Tennis and baseball athletes and athletes from various other sports.

And if you are considering Tommy John Surgery or other orthopedic surgery for your sports injury, you might want to learn about how the adult stem cells and PRP procedures stack up against these risky Orthopedic surgeries.

Call us today and find out if these procedures are an option for you.


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