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Plantar Fasciitis


"I don’t have the aches and pains that I used to suffer from on a constant day to day basis." – Kevin G.

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Plantar fasciitis is a common and painful sports medicine injury that has recently taken out some big-name athletes. It’s extremely painful and can take years for athletes to recover from it.

Plantar fasciitis causes pain on the bottom of the heel. It occurs when the strong band of tissue called Plantar fascia which supports the arch of the foot becomes irritated and inflamed. It is the thick connective tissue that supports the arch of the foot from the heel toward the bones in the mid foot. Sometimes, the plantar fascia becomes damaged from too much pressure.


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A seemingly growing number of athletes have suffered from it in recent years. This list includes Pujols, Tampa Bay Rays third baseman Evan Longoria, San Diego Chargers tight end Antonio Gates and NBA stars Pau Gasol of the Los Angeles Lakers and Joakim Noah of the Chicago Bulls.

This fascia may become inflamed and eventually even tear if there is sufficient pressure exerted on the bottom of the foot.  This pressure may be the result of a sudden turn or landing that causes the arch to flatten or the toes to spread.  In most cases, however, plantar fasciitis develops over a period of time.  Some athletes are predisposed to this condition because of "pronating" feet. 

This means the feet flatten and roll inward while walking or running.  Since the arch drops this causes added  
tension on the plantar fascia.  This particular problem is easily addresses with an orthotic that is placed in the shoe to mechanically support the arch and keep the arch ligament from straining. 

Interestingly, people with too high of an arch or pes cavus may also be at risk.  This type of foot is generally considered rigid and a poor shock absorber.  A special arch support can again be placed in the shoe to help "bring the shoe up to meet the foot". 


People suffering from plantar fasciitis feel heel pain and stiffness. Pain will usually occur most intensely on the bottom of the heel.  However, because the fascia runs along the length of the foot it is possible for pain to occur anywhere along the sole of the foot. 

Any athlete with plantar fasciitis should be monitored for heel spurs and/ or a stress fracture of the metatarsals.  Other injuries that can cause pain on the bottom of the foot include, metatarsalgia, neuroma, arch strain, and a foot sprain. 

PRP and Stem Cell Treatments can help:

Stem Cells

While treatments such as foot bracing, strapping and cortisone injections can provide some temporary relief, the best way to really heal the injury and provide long term improvement is through our regenerative treatments such as Platelet Rich Plasma procedures. For actual tears in the plantar fascia, stem cells procedures may also be  viable treatments.

Now PRP and stem cell procedures can help your tendon and ligaments heal and thus repair the pain and instability of ankle joint. Surgery may be required for serious or full tendon rupture.

Patients coping with sports injuries, tendon strains, sprained ligaments, muscle injuries, arthritis and more, will be comforted to know that surgery is not the only option of treatment available to them. Faster healing as well as improved functionality both are possible with innovative, cutting- edge ADULT stem cell and PRP procedures.

As alternatives to the joint surgery, SmartChoice® Procedures may help alleviate joint pain, arthritis and other sports injuries that caused it with a simple office injection procedure. We encourage the patients to walk the same day and most experience almost no downtime after our procedures whatsoever.

Dr. Garg has experience working with professional and amateur athletes from different sports to increase their performance with this unique and individualized health and wellness program. He has worked with professional athletes like former number one PGA Tour Golfer, several NFL players, many Tennis and baseball athletes and athletes from various other sports.

And if you are considering a knee, hip or other joint surgery for your sports injury, you might want to learn about how the adult stem cells and PRP procedures stack up against these risky Orthopedic surgeries.

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