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Patient Stories

I have never had a more meaningful visit...

"I have never had a more meaningful visit with a medical professional such as I had with you this morning. You knew exactly my condition, why I was how I was... You made me feel like there was hope. 

Your kindness and thoughtfulness was most appreciated and I must say, you really made me laugh.


Daniel N.

Dr. Garg knows what he is doing

"Can you let Dr. Garg know he has the expertise of an absolute genius. After one day, I am feeling great and like my old self. Dr. Garg knows what he is doing. I mean I am not 100% but I feel better in only 24hours than I have in a long time since leaing SW Florida."


What a difference it has made

"We are in Kissimmee just now and am managing to play golf without any pain. We were over in Kissimmee in October 2014 and played golf for the first time since I had the stem cell replacement and couldn't believe that I had no pain at all. This is great. Please pass on my appreciation to Dr Garg for the great work he did on my knees. What a difference it has made.


Marion C., Lives in Scotland

You Know You Have Walked Into An Office That Cares...

I have been seeing Dr. Hardesh Garg, MD for a little over a year now and have been extremely pleased with the care that I have received. Having been to numerous pain management clinics since a car accident in 1999, I have had my fair share of experiences with this type of medical care. From the personable staff to Dr. Garg’s bedside manner you know you have walked into an office that cares. I would highly recommend Dr. Garg and SmartChoice® Stem Cell Institute to anyone seeking top notch care and service.

Perri C.

It Just Made a Huge Difference In My Life...

Dr. Garg took bone marrow and fat, my own, and did stem cell replacement treatment. It was absolutely pain free, I had it done in the office, it was a simple procedure, and it was over with before I even knew it was started.

After the procedure it just made a huge difference in my life. I used to fly a lot on my job and it was just agonizing having to sit on the plane, but after I had the procedure I was able to travel without any pain. It made a huge difference in my life, my professional life and my personal life. And I don’t know why anyone would NOT have this procedure, especially choosing it over surgery. It was pain free and just had remarkable results.


I Always Get The Feeling of Being Part of a Family Here...

SmartChoice® Stem Cell Institute is a haven for people such as myself. The staff welcomes me with smiles and immediate attention. I always get the feeling of being part of a family here. This is the only doctor’s office I have ever been to where everyone including the patients are happy to be there. The wait time is no time at all and when you see the doctor he does all he can to make you comfortable and process everything about you and get to the source of your problems. Every visit I am offered more solutions as if he was studying me the entire time I was away. I am so happy to be a part of this center and family. If it was not for Dr. Hardesh Garg and his team I would not be back at work and my family would not be thriving. I owe much of my new success to these people and highly recommend SmartChoice® Stem Cell Institute to everyone.

Douglas D.

I don’t have the aches and pains that I used to suffer from on a constant day to day basis.

I’m an owner operator of several restaurants in the franchise fast food business. I’m on my feet all day long, getting in and out of the car, walking from the parking lot into the restaurants, touching the tables, checking on the management staff, in and out of the kitchen. I had a great deal of pain in the lower back, in the knees, in the joints. Before I pursued a lot of other remedies, most of which were pharmaceutical drugs and pain pills that just wouldn’t allow you to function on a day to day basis. Then I came to see Dr. Garg and he introduced me to the stem cell treatment. 

I came to see Dr. Garg and he took the stem cells from my bone marrow and fat and he reinjected them and it has been fabulous. I don’t have the aches and pains that I used to suffer from on a constant day to day basis. I feel better about life, I feel better about the business, I’m more active with the kids, on the golf course, it’s been tremendous, a tremendous asset and definitely an improvement in my quality of life. 

It was a very easy procedure, it was done in-office, it took a short period of time, a couple of hours, and my life has been wonderful since. It really worked, and I would highly recommend it to anybody who’s looking for a remedy to their back pain, their aching joints, and their aching knee problems.

This procedure versus invasive surgery putting artificial joints or metal or titanium products in your knees or your hips, I’m not sure why somebody wouldn’t pursue this. It’s absolutely crazy that somebody would go through that extent to try to solve a problem that could be taken care of in the office, in a very comfortable setting, in a couple of hours.

Kevin G.

Dr. Garg has really made a very tremendous impact on my life

My name is David, 52 years old, I do heating and air conditioning work. I originally hurt my back in the army, I fell off an obstacle course . I’ve been able to live with it for the past 30 years, up until the past 6 years since the heating and air condition trade is pretty taxing. I came across Dr. Garg a year ago, after contemplating surgery, and seeing other pain management doctors, but that was just like a Band-Aid. 

But when I saw Dr. Garg he figured that he would fix the problem and I went through the stem cell procedure and I was really impressed it really cut my pain level almost in half, and there’s times when I don’t really even need pain medicine. Dr. Garg has really made a very tremendous impact on my life. 

My life has really been a lot better, more productive, I’m not in as much pain as I was a year ago. I’d recommend it to quite a few people and I have done that to recommend it to quite a few people. I don’t understand why more people wouldn’t look into this than have surgery- have screws and nuts and bolts in your back. I figured I’d give it a try and I haven’t regretted it.

The stem cell procedure was done here in the office and they used my own fat, my own bone marrow, and my own blood. It was very safe and I didn’t have any worries. More people should look into (stem cell treatments), and there’s really nothing to be worried about.


I want to remain independent and I want to remain mobile for the rest of life.

I am 85 years of young. I have been coming to see Dr. Garg for the last year. I have had injury in my right ankle and foot, and it has given me some problem in later years. And with the stem cell injections that has been very helpful. 

I have also had stem cell injections in my knees, in my hips, and in my back. My family tell me that since I had the stem cell injections, that I am walking better – much better, and I used to walk with a cane that I don’t have to do anymore. I’m very much interested in stem cell injections because I want to remain independent and I want to remain mobile for the rest of life. And I feel that the stem cell injections are going to help me do that.

The stem cell have made me more comfortable, quite a lot more comfortable, both in my ankles and my knees and my hips and in my back. It has relieved quite a bit of the discomfort that I used to have and I am hopeful that is going to help rebuild my cartilage. 

I would recommend stem cell injections for anyone who is having discomfort due to loss of cartilage to arthritis. I think that it can be helpful, it can relieve a lot of discomfort, it can help with the regrowth of cartilage, it is going to allow you to walk much more comfortably, to live much more comfortably, and hopefully to be mobile for the rest of your life.

I would just emphasize that it is a natural way, a very natural way, of treating the body and of working with the body to regenerate your joints.


Extraordinary People and Service...

I am very pleased with SmartChoice® Stem Cell Institute, the service is great. Dr. Garg prescribes the right medication that helps with my pain. Extraordinary people and service is what you will find at SmartChoice® Stem Cell Institute.

Richard S.

Dr. Garg is One of the Best Doctors I Have Ever Had, and I Have Seen Many...

SmartChoice® Stem Cell Institute has been very helpful to my quality of life. Dr. Garg is one of the best doctors I have ever had and I have seen many. He has been very caring and helpful to me, the best thing about Dr. Garg is he is very truthful and I know I can trust his judgment for my treatment. I really feel since coming to SmartChoice® Stem Cell Institute my life is improving even with my condition that’s so hard at times, so I am very thankful for the care I’m receiving from SmartChoice® Stem Cell Institute.

Codi B.

I Couldn't Recommend a Better Place to Go...

I have been treated with respect, they listen, and they help, and do everything in their power to correct the problem. They have a very well educated staff that’s nice and respectful. I couldn’t recommend a better place to go. The doctor listens and does everything in his power to help. I love the staff. If you need a place to go to get help, this is definitely the place. To make a long story short, this is the place to go, very helpful and knowledgeable.

Thomas J.

Dr. Garg Has Done a Great Job in Controlling My Pain...

Over a year ago, I suffered from a fractured fibula and back pain from an accident. Every doctor I went to wanted to perform invasive surgery. I finally found Dr. Garg who introduced me to adult stem cell therapy and prolotherapy. Dr. Garg spent multiple hours with me ensuring I was 100% comfortable with the treatment and ensuring I knew everything that it entailed.

The treatment was quick and painless. I was in and out of the office within 2 hours. A few weeks later, I could already feel the difference in my back and my knee, which is where he did the (Stem Cell) injections. I had regained almost full functionality of my knee within a month, and the back pain had subsided. I was amazed. One simple procedure using my own cells could heal me that quickly. It was the fastest, safest procedure I have ever been through.

I have since been recommending the procedures to everyone that I know. There is no need for invasive surgery if Dr. Garg’s treatments can be used for your ailment. The treatment is nothing short of a miracle.

If you are told that invasive surgery is your only option, or have been suffering from ailing back pain, or even have non-healing fractures as I did, please see Dr. Garg and ask about adult stem cell therapy. You will be happy with your decision, as I am. Don’t waste your summer in a big bulky cast. One simple injection and you are done.

Anna S.

For the First Time I Know I Am in Control of My Pain.

After a long time of looking for the right fit for my chronic pain needs I really got lucky when I walked into SmartChoice® Stem Cell Institute, over 2 years ago now. Having issues since a severe car accident in 2001, and after my doctor retiring after many years together. I had many doctors before. Then I was able to stop living in pain and start a better future with Dr. Garg and his staff. He has not only helped me understand my pain better and for the first time I know I am in control of my pain. His office staff and nurses are nicest, most helpful and professional people. I am a single mother of two with a very demanding career, who was told I would be disabled due to my injuries. So thanks is really not enough for what Dr. Garg and his team have done for me.

Shani H.

Dr. Garg And His Staff Are The Best.

This is my fourth visit to SmartChoice® Stem Cell Institute. Dr. Garg and his staff are the best. They are truly concerned about you and go out of their way to make you feel comfortable. It is worth the drive from Tallahassee to get this kind of care.

Scott T.

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