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Experience Counts - Located in Jacksonville, Florida, we are the leader in Adult Stem Cell and Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP) Procedures. We have performed these procedures for more than ten years with over 90 % results and ZERO side effects.

Top Stem Cell Center in the World: Unique Proven Clinical Protocols, over ten years of experience and hundreds of satisfied patients is why people from around the world come to us for their adult stem cell and Platelet-Rich Plasma Procedures. 

FIVE reasons you need to know before you decide. You will see why people around the world choose us over other Clinics.

Glaring Differences




Other Leading Stem Cell Clinics (including Regenexx, Cell surgical Networks and others)

1. Gene and Cellular tests to evaluate your stem cell functions.



2. Use BOTH Bone Marrow and Fat Stem Cells, along with PRP.



3. Process Your Stem Cells with safety and use no dangerous chemicals like collagenase.



4. Use Dynamic Ultrasound Guided Injections for Precision and safety (and NOT use X-Rays that can damage your cells).



5. Improve body functions with proprietary Hormones and Supplements, so you get the best possible clinical outcome.




Are there any ethical issues with Adult Stem Cells?

No, adult stem cells are not embryos. They don’t have the potential to develop into a new human being. They reside in the bone marrow and fat and they exist in large quantities. We use your own stem cells and do NOT store or alter them in any way.

How do I know if Stem Cell therapy is good for me?
Consult with Dr. Garg, M.D., if you have any type of back/neck pain, arthritis, joint pain, any sports injury or if you suffer from any degenerative disease. Stem Cell Therapy enables the patient’s body to use it’s own stem cells to heal and repair.

Are there any side effects to Stem Cell Therapy?

These are very safe procedure. After a complete medical evaluation, Dr. Garg, M.D. will determine if you are a candidate for this treatment. Some patients may experience pain and soreness during the post-operative period. Because autologous ( your own) blood, bone marrow and fat is used, there are no chances of ‘rejection” by your body.

What are the potential benefits of Stem Cell Therapy?

Healing, repair and regeneration of injured or damaged tissue. It can regenerate tissues that are injured in neck and back spine injuries, meniscal tears, ligament tears, rotator cuff tear, tennis elbow and in degenerative diseases like arthritis and osteoarthritis. It decreases pain at the level of the injury and improves performance. The procedure is done in an office setting, under local anesthesia. This eliminates the risks associated with surgery or anesthesia.

What is the difference between Stem Cells from fat and from bone marrow?

Adipose stem cells are collected via a Lipo-aspiration procedure ( NOT Liposuction) and bone marrow cells are aspirated from the hipbone. Bone marrow stem cells ( mainly Hematopoietic Stem Cells) have a superior ability to repair and differentiate into connective tissue as well as blood vessels, a process that is essential for oxygen and nutrient delivery to the tissues.. On the other hand, adipose stem cells (mainly Mesenchymal stem cells) have far more regenerative properties to make ligaments, cartilage and bone.

How do I know if the Stem Cells are injected in the correct place?

At our clinic we know that the success of any treatment relies on having a reliable delivery system. All of our our injections are done under highly advanced and accurate Musculoskeletal Ultra-Sound Visualization system, to visualize the site of injury and provide an accurate and effective treatment targeted right at the site of injury and pain.

What is PRP and why is it used with Stem Cell Therapy?

PRP is blood plasma that has a high concentration of a group of cells called platelets. This cells release growth factors and other proteins that promote wound healing in bone and soft tissue. When we inject PRP, the high concentration of platelets, delivers powerful doses of growth factors that accelerate and enhance tissue repair and healing. These growth factors also attract Stem Cells to the site of injury. When injecting PRP alone, more than one injection is recommended to maximize results.

How is PRP obtained?

PRP is obtained with a simple and safe blood draw. Special collection tubes are used and about 30 to 50 cc of blood is obtained. The blood is centrifuged with special FDA approved equipment until PRP is obtained. After this process the PRP is ready for injection or to be mixed with bone marrow or fat stem cells for treatment to relieve pain and heal arthritis and injuries.

Are there any special procedures to prepare when doing Stem Cell or PRP Therapy?

We encourage patients to undergo a simple detox before the treatment to prepare the body to be better conditioned to receive the stem cells. Patients should cease cigarette smoking and alcohol at least one week before the treatment. We recommend our special Hormone and Vitamin Therapy to optimize your body for harvesting and injecting best stem cells and PRP.

How soon can I go back to my regular activities?

The procedure is same-day office procedure. Patients are usually sore during the first couple days after the injection. Patients can return to work next day, depending on the site of the treatment and the load of physical activity that is required from the patient at their jobs.

Is Stem Cell Therapy Approved by FDA?

FDA does not regulate medical procedures performed by qualified and licensed doctors. Currently, there are no clear protocols to treat any disease with adult stem cells in the U.S. We ONLY use your own adult stem cells (not Embryonic stem cells) and we don’t alter, manipulate or store your stem cells and we use your cells during the same procedure - therefore FDA does not object to these procedures.

What are the risks or these treatments?

There are very few risks involved. You may be sore for a few days after the procedure. Infection is a possibility but is almost unheard of after these procedures. PRP and Stem Cell treatments are considered conservative approaches to treating pain and injuries unlike surgery that might help, but it might also make it worse. You can always have surgery, but you can’t “un-have” it. These procedures will not make your condition worse unless the practitioner is not properly trained. Dr Garg, M.D. is properly trained.

How many treatments will I require and how often will I receive them?

With Bone- Marrow and Adipose Derived Stem Cells, most people need only ONE treatment. With PRP, most people require two to six treatments done every four to six weeks to achieve the desired result.

How will I feel immediately after the treatment?

While the treatment itself is not very painful because oral medications and local anesthetics are used, immediately after the procedure you will have some localized soreness and discomfort, especially after bone marrow aspiration. Most patients find over the counter medications, ice and rest sufficient to help with the pain.

How soon will I notice improvement?

These Stem Cell treatments stimulate the growth and repair connective tissues requiring time. Typically, patients notice improvement after two weeks and continue to notice continual improvement months after the treatment.

I hate needles and am nervous about having these procedures done. What can we do to help with my anxiety?

We prescribe oral anti-anxiety medicine and pain medicines that you take prior to the procedure. During procedure, we use local anaesthetic. Most of our patients do not feel pain, only minor discomfort.

Does insurance cover these procedures?

PRP, Prolotherapy and Stem Cell treatments are considered experimental procedures.

While most insurance companies will pay for PRP or Stem Cell treatments when used by a surgeon in conjunction with surgery, they generally do not pay when used alone. Some clinics around the country that offer similar treatments tell patients the insurance plans they accept, but usually these clinics will only submit for the consultation and anesthetic/steroid injections. But patients have to pay in for PRP, Prolotherapy and Stem Cell treatments before they have procedures done. It is best to check with both your insurance company and any clinic you may be considering.

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