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Tendons & Ligaments

"It was very safe and I didn’t have any worries." – David


Experience Counts - Located in Jacksonville, Florida, we are the leader in Adult Stem Cell and Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP) Procedures. We have performed these procedures for more than ten years with over 90 % results and ZERO side effects.

Top Stem Cell Center in the World: Unique Proven Clinical Protocols, over ten years of experience and hundreds of satisfied patients is why people from around the world come to us for their adult stem cell and Platelet-Rich Plasma Procedures. 

FIVE reasons you need to know before you decide. You will see why people around the world choose us over other Clinics.

Glaring Differences




Other Leading Stem Cell Clinics (including Regenexx, Cell surgical Networks and others)

1. Gene and Cellular tests to evaluate your stem cell functions.



2. Use BOTH Bone Marrow and Fat Stem Cells, along with PRP.



3. Process Your Stem Cells with safety and use no dangerous chemicals like collagenase.



4. Use Dynamic Ultrasound Guided Injections for Precision and safety (and NOT use X-Rays that can damage your cells).



5. Improve body functions with proprietary Hormones and Supplements, so you get the best possible clinical outcome.




 The SmartChoice® Joint Procedures offer non-surgical, stem cell and Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP) alternatives for the patients who are suffering from tendonitis or ligament injury or may be facing tendon or ligament surgery due to ligament injury, tendonitis, bursitis and other medical conditions.

At SmartChoice® we believe that cost should not be an obstacle to getting your quality of life back. We put these procedures within reach of most budgets.

Treatment costs less
than you might think.
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These treatments are already extensively used by people with sports injuries and orthopedic conditions, for faster recovery times and better results.

Over 95% success rate
for joint restoration.
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Last year, I successfully performed SmartChoice® Procedure on my son, Neil for a ligament injury near his shoulder. Yes, these procedures are safe.

Patient safety is our
number one priority
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If you have an sports injury or pain from ligament or tendon sprains or tear, or due to osteoarthritis, you may be a candidate for our SmartChoice® Joint Procedures.

SmartChoice® Joint Procedures provide excellent ALTERNATIVES to most patients facing tendon and ligament surgery. Orthopedic surgeries can be complex and painful. Besides the risks and cost of the surgeries, a long rehabilitation is usually required. Many a times the functionality never completely returns after these surgeries, which can be a very important factor for most patients, including athletes.

Tendons connect muscles to bone, and injury to these rope-like tissues is one of the most common cause of soft-tissue pain. Overuse or damage to the tendon over a long period of time can lead to small tears, a condition called tendonitis. When tendonitis occurs, movement in the area of the torn tendon becomes very painful.

Ligaments hold one bone to another, stabilizing the joint and also controlling range of motion of that joint. Ligaments are certainly flexible, but they do not stretch very far, especially as we age. Ligaments are very important in the stabilization of joints, but they are also highly susceptible to injury. Ligaments will tear if you overstretch a ligament, twist a knee too much, take a bad fall, or even if you lift an object which is too heavy. When a ligament is torn or sprained, it is no longer able to provide support to the joint and so it weakens that joint.

At SmartChoice® Stem Cell Institute, we are leading non-surgical specialist for ligament and tendon injuries from:

We play a key role in this cutting-edge stem cell medical field. While many types of stem cells are currently used in orthopedic healing, the most common are mesenchymal stem cells and hematopoietic stem cells to help regenerate tissue and rebuild cartilage, muscles, tendons and ligaments.

Because it is now possible to induce pluripotency in cells that have not come from embryos, the controversial use of embryonic stem cells has fallen on the way side and in the favor of the accessible cells found within the patient’s own body.

Patients coping with arthritis, sports injuries, tendon strains, sprained ligaments, muscle injuries and more, will be comforted to know that surgery is not the only option of treatment available to them. Faster healing as well as improved functionality both are possible with innovative, cutting- edge adult stem cell and PRP procedures.

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